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"It’s next to impossible to choose a favorite within this anthology. Kelly Covic has a bonafide talent in conceiving a sense of suspended belief. The proverbial wheels whirl in our imaginations as we wonder; what if? Insomnia was worth the sleep deprivation ten times over."


Nothing is as it seems…


Beyond the veil of this world lurks mysterious curiosities. What hides in the shadows can do more than merely frighten. They can bend reality and meld into terrifying horrors.

Welcome to the creepy and twisted short stories collection by debut author Kelly Covic. Featuring nine original spooky and unusual tales that are sure to leave an impression, including the Next Generation Indie Book Awards Short Story Finalist, “Idle Thursday.”

Sit back with a cup of something hot, a cozy blanket, be sure your lamp has a fresh bulb, and never mind that peculiar noise behind you. It’s probably nothing.


"What a collection of chilling tales that will definitely linger in your mind like a fog! This is a must-read for fans of lighter horror." -Erica Robyn Reads Blog
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